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Our Approach

Our approach and style are guided by key beliefs.

Cash-flow Models

Does your cash management and forecasting adequately serve the business?

Case Studies

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The Smart Decision

Where you need the resource and skill of a Finance Director but don't have the timeframe or budget to warrant or wait for a full time appointment then obtaining the expertise of a real, professional interim FD on flexible terms is the smart decision.

Been There, Done That

Practical experience plus academics from experienced, qualified FDs on hand to help in any stage of your business life cycle or to support you during specific projects. Improve your win rate and increase your business learning curve with people who've been there and done that. Just the facts, guaranteed No BS

Business Reporting

We're passionate about "fast close" and the content of management reports. It isn't just about financial numbers and the past. We don't leave the reader to draw their own conclusions. We include the future. We underpin and inform results with operational activities. We make it meaningful and ensure the message is understood. We're very proud of our record in delivering commercially focused financials in cutting edge ways.

Internal Controls

Are your internal controls out of pace with your growth? It's not uncommon. Are there any surprises or black holes in your balance sheet? How confident are you in your numbers? We can review, design and implement robust controls to fit your business.

Cash & Finance

We have access to traditional and innovative sources of finance. Managing cash flow, inventory, debtors, raising finance, factoring, invoice discounting, settlements with HMRC, creditors: there's a lot to handle. Are you getting too distracted by it to really concentrate on your business?

Our cashflow spreadsheet models can save you time. They include fully integrated balance sheet and P&L, represent best practice in the industry, enable you to keep track of your assumptions, and see the impact of any business decision on the future value of your company. Further, you don't need to build a separate model each budget year so you retain a single source for financial planning.

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Developing Teams

We've built, and managed successful finance teams and restructured departments to be better focused on supporting the business. We believe businesses should be sales led. Why not use our skill to assess, develop, recruit or coach your finance team to deliver what you need.

Buying, Selling, Closing.....

Whether it's an asset, an outlet or the business itself we can help you with entry and exit, including business closure.

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